Jessica Diggs
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about jessica

I love what I do. It is hard to explain, it has to be witnessed! 


My training to become a birth doula began in 2012. My studies in biology and anthropology from the University of North Carolina ignited my awe of the human body; essentially studying all aspects of humankind at the micro and macro level. The training, my mentors, and my first birth changed my perspective and further fueled my interest in maternity health, childbirth education, and natural practices. In addition to providing support during labor, I am a trained ICEA Childbirth Educator. My goal is to provide evidence-based information and preventive care to the expecting family. In agreement with the ICEA philosophy, I believe in freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives in childbirth.

My experience as a doula and educator has exposed me to a range of births: unmedicated vaginal births, home births, water births, births with medical assistance, Cesarean births, and vaginal births after previous Cesarean birth (VBAC). More importantly, it has honed my purpose. Drawing on my background, I had aspired to serve birthing people as an OB/GYN dedicated to working with the midwifery and doula community. However, my journey has led me to join alongside the community of midwives in Los Angeles. Currently, I am student midwife enrolled in National College of Midwifery. It truly has been a whirlwind of adventure from which I am excited and honored to aid in the common goal: to provide a safe, satisfying, and joyous birthing experience for the birthing person, their partner and the baby. 

Combining my experience as a doula, love for science, passion for supporting women, and heart for community and social justice, my current involvements include: