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A Please and A Thank You

Around this time of the year, wanderlust has set in and the mundane of the year is at it's all time high. Thankfully, I have my documented European adventures to keep me going for a bit. I am so pumped to be traveling to Cuba is a few months but more importantly to be traveling alone. I am great with people but I LOVE solitude especially while traveling! 

The challenge of a language barrier, the awkwardness of being by myself, and the chance to see how well I do. Also, I DO NOT have to consider anyone else's agenda or food preferences. So as I wait so impatiently for my upcoming trip, I am reminiscing hard on my first solo trip abroad.


Enjoy my first day in Paris - a nervous, American trying real hard not to be American. 

"My first full day in Paris was awesome. I woke up a bit worried. Aside from being known as the city of love, Paris is equally notorious for rude French people and pickpockets. So when I got ready to leave this morning I felt a little nervous...and slightly fearful. Then I paused. I have travelled across the world on an all expense paid trip. I am covered by my Savior. And I'm cute! (This didn't cross my mind until after I prayed to God to help me.) But, for real, He did not give me a spirit of fear (at all) but of power, love and a sound mind. So I pumped myself up (like a serious, inner peep talk) and marched right out the door. Interestingly enough, my prayer consisted of something about keeping me safe and letting me come home with all my belongings. Also, to place nice, patient Parisians along my path.

As I approached the train station for my first interaction, I silently repeated the French word for ticket over and over. Only to get to the window and say "Anglais?". Haha! I tried. But the guy was so nice and tried so hard to help me. We struggled together to get me a day pass. He ended the convo with "Whew! That was embarrassing!" He now has a slight idea how I feel. I went about my day not having to say much in French in the tourist attractions until it was time for lunch. I really wanted a small brasserie type of place to eat and I knew the language challenge was coming up. I was seated easily with a few hand gestures. Then it was time to order. The waitress said a bunch of stuff and I said "Anglais?" She said no and the fun began. She was patient and I said as many "merci" as possibles. I pointed to what I wanted but needed to order a coffee. I'm usually in a coffee shop when I've ordered coffee but here I made the mistake and just said "un café". Most Americans like myself wouldn't expect an "un café" to come in a baby tea cup but it does around the rest of the world. Fortunately for me, Michael (a random Parisian man sitting across from me) stopped the waitress before she went to get my tiny espresso shot. He corrected my order because he knew I really wanted an "Americano" (the big coffee). We talked for a while, exchanging life stories. He gave me some pointers and told me I was doing great by just being kind and patient. He wished me well and told me "the world needs more people like you". 😍 He went on with his life and left me with the non-English speaking waitress.

As I finished my meal, I rehearsed asking for the bathroom and check. I did that correctly. Toilet is essentially toilet in French! She walked me to the bathroom and gave me a coin. I was confused but pretended I knew what to do with it. She didn't bother explaining it because I wouldn't understand anyways. When I went into the bathroom, I saw that you had to pay to go into the stalls. Merci beaucoup nice waitress! I said Thank You to everyone in the restaurant as I paid and was on my way to wonder around the streets of Paris. My "luck" didn't stop there either but this post is already too long. :) Let's just say, I shared lots of laughs with the owner of a boulangerie (bakery) as I bought my bread for dinner. She showed me she can count to 11 in English and I showed her I can order 3 croissants and a bagette in French. We both threw out all of our best words in the opposite language.

Oh, and I didn't get pickpocketed! The night is young though.

Au revoir,


Posted from my old blog - started when I spent 3 months traveling around Europe and the first few years of my LA life. 

A Doula's Babyshower Gifts - Add Them To Your Registry

This summer, five of my dear friends, including my sister, are expecting babies. That meant five different baby showers where I actually wanted to shower both the baby and the mother with copious amounts of cute stuff. 

Of course, as a birth doula, I am offering my professional support and resources to them. However, this is soooo different thinking through baby shower gifts for 5 babies who will be in my life FOREVER. Usually, when I am invited to my clients showers or mother's blessings, I am intentional about purchasing a gift specifically for the mother. In this culture, we are not mindful of the needs of the pregnant person but instead shower the baby. As a birth worker, I like to remain mindful of the pregnant person. 

But again, this time around it is soooo different being "responsible" (I mean these kiddos will be my nephews - all boys!) for both baby and mother! Since this shopping spree has been so important, I wanted to share the practical products that I've deemed worthy of my friends - and my clients. 


First things first, I swear by babywearing! There is nothing like having that sweet babe cuddled up to your in a cozy carrier. Aside from the obvious adorbs of babywearing, there are a ton of benefits to baby and the parents. 

  • Human contact: Research shows that babies' nervous system, cogitive development, and physical growth is improved when babies have physical contact. I mean a hug or spooning does that for me too! I can only imagine how beneficial it is for a person new to this world.
  • Bonding: The closeenss to the baby facilitate bonding between the two parties. The baby is growing in trust of the person caring for them. The carrier (mom, dad, caregiver, grandparents, etc.) is growing in awareness of this little person and all their personalities, emotions, and needs. 
  •  FREEDOM!: It frees your hands! End of story! Life after a baby can be all-consuming. Wearing the baby provides it with comfort for extended periods of time, Your baby gets your physical contact (which they may demand at times) and you get to complete a task using your hands. It's awesome - you just wait! 
  • Convenience: Lugging a stroller in and out of the car, house, etc. is  A LOT. I often tell my clients to put the stretchy wraps on before getting into the car. Once you have arrived at the destination, you can put the baby directly into the carrier. Boom, DONE! (Says the person with no children!) Carriers are just so easy during the hectic season of parenthood. 


solly baby

ergobaby adapt

The benefits of babywearing is why I purchased a carrier for ALL of my friends. I want their babies to be worn for all the benefits to their little bodies and for all the bonding and convenience to my mom friends. The two carriers that I swear by are the Solly Baby Wrap and the ErgoBaby





Another gift and company that I love is the DockATot. This thing is amazing!! Working nights as a postpartum doula, I have seen this product be a game changer for many families. It offers baby such a snug, comfy resting place. Thus, offering parents a little more sleep...maybe! It can also be used just about anywhere as a nap spot while at a park or for tummy time on the floor at home. I purchased this for my sister who wishes to co-sleep with her sweet bub.

Recently the American Pediatrics Association recommended that babies should be in the room with the parents until 6 months because it reduced the risk of SIDS. With the knowledge of the birth disparities and infant mortality rates amongst the black community, I was a bit more invested in the postpartum period of my sister and nephew. My purchases were not only about quality products but made with deep intentions to get both of them off to a great start during the postpartum period. Co-sleeping offers the benefits I desire my sister and nephew to have. The Dockatot is a product that helps them accomplish that. Plus it's super cute!! 



haakaa pump



As a birthworker, you hear of all the new products that surface everyday. The HaaKaa Silicone Breast Pump was one of them. Many doula-mamas raved about this product for several reasons: 

  • It caught the milk from one boob as it leaked, while they nursed on the other. This happens...often! Depending on your letdown, supply, and nipple flow, you may be drenching  your baby with the opposite breast during feeds. The HaaKaa lets you collect the milk. Breastmilk is the milk you will cry over if it is spilled or wasted. Every little bit counts!
  • It helps relieve the pressure of engorgement whether during the period before the supply regulates (first few weeks) or if it has been a long time since you have nursed or pumped. 
  • Aids with oversupply. It allows the breasts to be emptied without actively stimulating them to produce more. The sucking mechanism (with a baby, manual pump, or electric pump) can add to the oversupply. The Haakaa pump is simply a suction cup. You give it a squeeze and out comes milk. 

I purchased this $20 gem for two girlfriends who will return to work. They both are in the healthcare field (a nurse-practioner and a midwife) and can not always predict when they will be able to take a pumping break. This pump allows them to collect as they go and to relieve themselves of engorgement, if need be throughout their workday. 



modern burlap




I am personally obsessed with is Modern Burlap. You may have seen their cute swaddle blankets with the awesome messages on social media. The founder of this company is fellow mom of 3 kiddos and took an idea and blew it up. I love supporting small brands, especially those ran by mothers. The intention and heart in all of her products (blankets, crib sheets, bibs, and more) is evident! I love the basic swaddle blankets so much because they are so versatile. You can use them as a swaddle, blanket, floor cover, burp cloth, nursing cover, etc. Check them out! 




spa lé la


All of the previous items are mainly for baby with the parents in mind. Unfortunately (for them), I did not get to purchase this gift for my friends this time around. But, I have made the decision that this will be my signature baby shower or mother's blessing gift: a gift card to Spa Lé La.

Self-care is so important and so ignored during the postpartum period. At Spa Le La, not only do they offer affordable, refreshingly bomb services but they provide complimentary childcare while you get them. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!! I don't even have a kid but I want one just to take them to Spa Lé La! Every detail about this place is designed with mom and baby is mind. The atmosphere has the perfect spa vibes plus the services and products used are non-toxic and safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and your little ones. From here on out, I will be purchasing my pregnant friends, a NAP at Spa Lè La. Yep, there is a NAP ROOM! 

These are just a few of my favorite items to gift people or that I recommend to my clients if asked.

Feel free to share your favorite pregnancy, baby, breastfeeding-related product or service. So many parents are sure to benefit from your experiences!